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Tenacity in exploration, precision in technique, fullness in the harmony of taste.

It was 2018 when Zia Restaurant opened its doors in Trastevere, in the heart of Rome, thanks to the determination of Antonio Ziantoni and his life partner Ida Proietti. A project of contemporary cuisine in continuous evolution, fueled by ongoing dialogue and a constant attitude toward exploration. Today, Zia is not just fine dining; it is a collective of individuals capable of bringing to the table one of the most enjoyable and talented gastronomic expressions in Italy.

zia restaurant menu

The cuisine of Zia reflects the chef’s desire to find his own expression through respect for ingredients and their seasonality, in a journey of constant dialogue and growth in technique and exploration. The ambitious goal of the Zia Restaurant collective is to be a place to experience, remember, and narrate with the enthusiasm of those who have had a wonderful time.

zia restaurant menu
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